Quadcopter Drone

Drone Photography

Beautiful Aerial Photos and Videos

Get a birds eye view of your home! We offer aerial photography and property fly overs at discounted rates during a home inspection or a pre-listing inspection. Just let us know before we go.


InspecTek Ancillary Services

Image by Clay Banks

Drone Photography

Aerial Photography and Property Fly Over Video. A Birds Eye View of Your Home, Business and Property.

Thermographic picture of a house.jpg

Thermal Imagining Photography

Thermal Imaging to identify heat transfer, heat loss or gain.


Indoor Air Quality Testing

Radon Testing and Mold Air Sampling. Healthy Air Testing Co, Co2, Formaldehyde, Combustible Gas and Particulates


City and Well Water Analysis

Tap Score Water Sampling and Lab Analysis. Full Parameters for City and Well Water


Sewer Line Scope

Sewer Line Video Scope and Septic Tank Location.

Termites are eating the wood of the house. They destroy houses, wooden parts and destroy w

WDO/WDI Inspections

Certified Wood Destroying Organism Inspections.