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Sample Lab Report for Mold


Mold Inspection Services

Professionally documented mold inspection and lab analysis reports

Mold Air Sampling

Air samples are taken throughout the house with a control sample taken from outside. These samples are sent to the lab and analyzed for spore counts and mold species. This will help identify high counts of spores throughout the house and where they are concentrated the most. This can be done during a mold inspection, building inspection and should be done after any mold remediation that is performed to confirm lowered spore counts (clearance testing).

Mold Inspection

A visual inspection for mold. This is a visual inspection of the building to help identify mold locations throughout the building and document its location. This service includes inspection of the crawlspace, basement, attic, HVAC, and plumbing. If mold is discovered a remediation protocol will be created for the building owner by us.

Remediation Protocol Reports with Clearance Testing

We will develop a remediation protocol for the remediation process based or our findings during the inspection and lab analysis. Additionally, we will perform a clearance test to ensure the remediation of the mold was completed to satisfaction.


Professional Mold Inspection, remediation Protocols and Mold Sampling

Why Be Concerned?

Mold is not usually a problem indoors—unless mold spores land on a wet or damp spot and begin growing. As molds grow, they digest whatever they are growing on. Unchecked mold growth can damage buildings and furnishings; molds can rot wood, damage drywall, and eventually cause structural damage to buildings. Mold can cause cosmetic damage, such as stains, to furnishings. The potential human health effects of mold are also a concern.