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3 benefits to thermal imaging during a home inspection

Thermal imaging can play a major role in finding hidden issues during your home inspection. Most home inspectors will offer this service with an additional ancillary service cost. The cost is typically minimal, ranging from $75.00 - $125.00, this is the typical cost for this service during a home inspection. Independently a thermal imaging inspection can range anywhere from $200.00-$400.00, typically when air infiltration and water intrusion are suspected and locating is necessary to remedy a situation.

Although, thermal imaging is becoming more popular with home inspectors, not all home inspectors offer thermal imaging because it's not a standard in our industry. However, here at InspecTek we have found dozens of potential hazards since we have started offering this ancillary service. That is why here at InspecTek we now offer free thermal imaging during all home inspections. We believe that this is a necessary step in inspecting our client's biggest investment.

Here are the 3 benefits to thermal imaging during a home inspection.

  • Water Intrusion: Thermal imaging along with a moisture meter can locate and confirm water intrusion from the exterior envelope and or pipe leaks throughout the house.

  • Air Infiltration: Thermal imaging and a moisture meter can identify air infiltration due to lack of insulation throughout the exterior envelope. With this information a homeowner or home buyer can address these discoveries and reduce energy cost.

  • Overheated Elements: this relates to overheated electrical elements such as, circuit breaks, electrical outlets, appliances, exhausts fans and so on. An overheated element is a potential fire hazard and should be documented during a thermal imaging scan.

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