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3 reasons to have a home inspection before you purchase a new home.

There are many reasons to get a building inspection, that list is long. However, for the sake of time, I can break it down to three of the most important reason to get a home inspection done before your purchase. To make this short and sweet- Safety hazards, major deficiencies and negotiation. All homes have issue and those issues are usually minuet and easily addressed. But, this is about the ones that matter most and the reasons you need to have your home inspected.

Buying a home is a business transaction and just like all major purchases you would like to see the reviews before you commit to purchasing. That's what a home inspection report is, it is unbiased review on the "product", your potential future home or building. The home inspector works for you and are obligated to properly inspect the property in which you hired them for and accurately document their findings for you. They are your employee. An employee that can save you thousands of dollars.

Lets get to it, I am going to break down the three main reasons to get a home inspection. If these three reason don't convince you on how important a $350.00-$500.00 home inspection is, then nothing will and I wish you the best.

1). Safety hazards: We all want to feel safe in our own homes. One of the home inspectors primary focus is on safety issues that can be found throughout a home inspection. This includes HVAC, plumbing, electrical and structural. Almost all safety issues are found within those 4 points of the inspection with the two primary culprits being structural and electrical. A certified and experienced inspector will be able to identify known safety hazards throughout those elements and accurately report those to their client- you. Allowing you to make informed and educated decisions before purchasing a house.

2). Major Deficiencies: Most homes don't have major deficiencies and the majority of sellers are honest on their disclosures of known issues. But, this is about the majority, its about the minority and things that you cant see, weren't disclosed, were concealed or in general no one know about. The truth is, most sellers are just as shocked as you if a major deficiency is discovered and want to repair the issue immediately.

But, back to the subject. There's nothing worse than buying a home and then discovering you have to spend $7,000.00 to replace the sewer line or $18,000.00 to replace the roof. Major deficiencies are those things that are discovered that cost a large sum of money to repair or depending on their severity belong in the safety category. For example, new roof, new windows, replace sewer line, foundation repair, water remediation, mold remediation and so on. A home inspector is trained to find and identify those issue, if they exist. A home inspector goes through the house and performs a visual inspection on all those parts of the home the are prone to failure, are easily concealed, are often overlooked or are hard to find and in some cases completely obvious. This is the meat and potatoes of the home inspection and home inspectors are obligated to their client to seek these out and document them.

3). NEGOTIATIONS!!! Even if major deficiencies or safety issues are discovered this might not deter you from purchasing the home and in most cases it doesn't. This might be the home you absolutely love and are going to make it your own. That's why negotiations is in the top 3 reasons to have a home inspection. Information is power and a home inspection report gives you information which gives you power and allows you to open up negotiations on the home. You can have them reduce the cost home, repair or replace found major deficiencies and safety issues and sometimes I've seen clients do nothing and purchase the home with the knowledge that they will have to repair or replace something themselves. Without a report you have nothing to negotiate with and are relying on someone's word that everything is in good working order. Don't rely on someone's word when it comes to a major purchase... Investigate and review.

A home inspection on average cost around $350.00-$500.00 depending on the size of your home. If one thing is discover... it was worth every penny and if nothing was discover, that piece of mind is worth more.

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