• John haupt

9 Point Springtime Maintenance Check List

Yay! Springtime is just around the corner and soon we will be letting that fresh spring air into our homes. With the excitement of warmer weather and more daylight we tend to forget the basic spring time maintenance checklist we should perform on our homes.

Each season has a home maintenance checklist we should be performing and completing to maintain a healthy, safe and functional home.

Here are the 9 easy to do basic springtime maintenance checklist

* Check for damage to your roof. Look for missing shingles, damaged shingles and uplifting.

* Check all fascia and trim for deterioration.

* Have a HVAC professional inspect and maintain your system to manufactures recommendations.

* Check your water heater for leaks or rust.

* Check your fire extinguishers.

* Clean the kitchen exhaust hood and air filters

* Repair all cracked, broken and uneven driveways and walkways to help provide a level walking surface.

* Check the shutoff valves at all plumbing fixture to make sure they function. Turn them off and on to make sure they are functioning.

* Clean the clothes dryer duct and damper, and the space under the dryer.

See, nice and easy! If you identify any deficiencies, make sure you or a professional repairs them immediately.

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