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Let a Pro-InspecTek LLC Get you a Detailed 3D Home Blueprint of the Exteriors with full consultation.


Project Planning and Inspection Services

Your Strategic Partner in Project Planning and Project Inspections

Pro-InspecTek Project Planning

Do you have a project or idea that you’d love to bring to life? Since founding my business, I’ve provided my clients with a wide range of consulting and inspection services such as this one.

This was a project consultation that needed the Pro-InspecTek touch.

After many quotes and consultations from contractors in the area the homeowner decided to bring in a third party to insure that the estimated $50,000.00-$55,000.00 project was going to go as planned, installed properly, design and expectations set by the contractors were being upheld.

We partnered with our client to create a beautiful outdoor living space for him and his wife in preparation for their retirement. We consulted with the clients on color, design, products, reviewed expectations and cost estimation. Then we researched the areas most reputable contractors, interviewed them for partnership and consulted with our clients. Then we negotiated project cost with contractors (without sacrificing quality or expectations).

We did on-site phase inspections and communicated with the contractor throughout each phase. The contractor held up their end by producing an exceptional deck system while professionally meeting our clients demands. 

This project was professionally installed by Jersey County Fence and Deck in Jerseyville, IL.


If your plans are to DIY (do it yourself), then let a Pro-InspecTek help you design your project, measure for materials, create your material list, estimated cost analysis, documentation for permits (if needed) and safety analysis InspecTion when completed. 

Pro-InspecTek New Construction or Project Inspection

Pro-Inspectek is proud to offer Phase Inspections for new construction and project inspections for old projects or recently finished projects.

  • A phase inspection is and layered inspection service done in phases to ensure each step is done properly. This service requires multiple visits to the job site.

  • A projection inspection service is an one time on-site inspection done after installation is to ensure that the project was installed properly and meets expectations set by the contractor.

Our goal is to protect our clients investments with precise inspection reporting, which keeps our clients informed and enables them to make educated decision when it comes to their investments.​

This amazing concept was designed and inspected by Dean Comer a certified inspector with 30 years of experience in deck installations and owning a construction company. He is one of our strategic partners at Pro-InspecTek.

Do you need help making important decisions? Contact me today and let me put you back on track.


New Home Phase Inspection

New home construction phase inspection by Pro-InspecTek

Wood Frame of House

Framing Inspection

Phase 2 Framing Inspection.

Framing Phase Inspection (done before drywall, insulation and exterior cover are installed): This phase inspection is used to identify deficiencies, defects, sub standard craftsmanship and code compliance. Includes, wood frame structure, window installation, flashing, water resistance barriers, roof covering and flashing, mechanical/plumbing/electrical rough in, egress compliance, proper anchorage, fire resistance construction, fire blocking, draft stopping, decay prevention, brace walls and thermal barrier.  

Home Construction

Final Inspection

Final Inspection Phase (When the builder is ready to do their walk through with the buyer): This phase will help identify structural defects, roof and roof flashing defects, electrical hazards, attic ventilation and insulation, light, ventilation and heating, exterior wall covering defects, additional flashing defects,  thermal scan for water issues or insulation gaps, proper lintels, caulking defects, water intrusion, bathroom code compliance, mechanical compliance, exhaust compliance, proper water shedding, soffit/fascia defects, roof drainage system, interior cover defects, plumbing defects, proper GFCI placement, final grade, means of egress, emergency rescue and escape, safety- smoke and carbon monoxide, or safety line compliance. 

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Property owners-Code Compliance

Independent Code Inspection for property owners that cannot be present during an inspection or want to ensure their properties are up to code and being maintained properly. 
Property Maintenance and building code inspection and ICC IRC certified Residential Building Inspector


EPA/OSHA Compliance Inspection and reporting

Pro-Inspectek is proud offer EPA and OSHA compliance inspection and reporting.

Homeowners- An inexpensive way to ensure that EPA and OSHA compliance is being followed during your home improvement projects. Focuses on job-site hazards, safety and lead safe practices.

Contractors- Partner with Pro-InspecTek for a low cost way to ensure that all EPA and OSHA requirements are being followed and documented on the job-site when you are not able to verify yourself. This includes job-site hazard reports, OSHA standards for job-site safety and lead safe practice compliance.